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past client reviews

"Morgan and Sarah are so sweet and absolute dorks! I loved the energy they had throughout the entire workshop and they answered everybody’s questions thoroughly.

My biggest takeaway from the workshop was the social media and marketing information. These lovely ladies even audited my Instagram page to give me suggestions on how to better utilize it!

This workshop made me feel confident about the things I already knew and excited to learn new information. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who just started photography and/or is interested in starting a photography business. You will learn a lot while having an awesome time!!"

- Katie M.

- Brianna A.

"Morgan and Sarah put on their first Candid Community workshop and it was AMAZING! It truly helped jumpstart my photography business! I learned so much that helped sharpen my photos and make minimal editing in Lightroom! Their positivity and encouragement was just what I needed to build the confidence as a beginner photographer. Clients have been so impressed! I would highly recommend this workshop to all beginner photographers!"

- Laura M.

"The Candid Community's work shop was so so wonderful!! Sarah and Morgan are both amazing humans and they're so encouraging. They listened and answered all my questions and the lessons were so helpful! If you're a beginning photographer, or hoping to up your photography game, this is the place for you!!!!"